Thanks for stopping by! We are Kelly and Logan, a crazy mother-daughter duo working together (and actually loving it ;) ) and doing what we LOVE.

 While we take our job very seriously, we make sure to never take ourselves too seriously--we laugh, we jab, we fight--like most mothers and daughters do. We also share a love for a lot of the same things...traveling, coffee, Jesus, serving others, meaningful conversation, singing in the car- Logan with the windows down, Kelly not so much {THE HAIRRR...}. We even love sports, THAT'S RIGHT, both Division 1 college athletes... And although chips and salsa are our weakness (we often eat JUST that for dinner), we are total foodies in the best city to be one. Of course, it would be amiss not to mention our greatest loves-- our sweet hubbies and RED WINE :)

  We can't wait to meet you, chat with you, and get to know your story.  

FOR you.