Raven and Austin | Franklin, TN Engagement Session

February 26, 2019

Our late Fall engagement session with Raven and Austin was more than we could imagine. Raven shared her vision with me and then completely trusted us to capture that vision. And I’m so glad she did, because our first location was at the front gates of our apartment complex and the second was on the side of the road!  I can’t imagine what was going through their minds as we were driving up to each. Regardless, they laughed and were so at ease and playful. Genuinely enjoying each other! I always tell my couples that their engagement session should feel just like a date night and that they should pay much more attention to each other than to me! They crushed it!

Raven is a pediatric nurse and a black belt in taekwando–which was so shocking to me because she has such a soft presence and spirit. (Wish we’d made her show us some moves!) Though, as we’ve gotten to know each other more, her sassiness shines through every now and then and makes me laugh so hard! Austin says that one of his favorite things about Raven is that she is secretly hilarious, and now that we’ve gotten to experience it first hand, I’m over here like, “GIRL, SHOW THE WORLD.” I’m confident that anyone that knows Raven loves her and feels loved by her! She is so intentional and caring and loves her friends well. Austin-you’re a lucky man!

Austin is so fun to be around. He is animated and passionate and absolutely hilarious. I know now why they laugh so much together! He LOVES football, and would wear his New Balance sneakers with his tux at their wedding, if Raven would let him! Just head to our Instagram page to check out their proposal to see him rocking his New Balances with a sport coat! #FASHUNNN

My very favorite thing during our engagement session with these two was when I’d give direction for them to get closer, or to kiss, Austin would reply with, “OHHH, HELL YEAH.” I wish the whole world could have witnessed it so that it could be a universal inside joke. I just love that Austin is so encouraging and supportive of Raven and gives her such sweet confidence.

We can’t even wait for Raven and Austin’s Wedding at The White Dove Barn in May. Leave a comment below to vote on whether or not their bartenders should be dressed like Darth Vader and Princess Leia since their wedding date is May 4th, 2019. I’ll let you decide who’s hoping for the unanimous “YES!”

These yellow leaves were seriously giving me life. Raven and Austin’s session wasn’t until the first week of December, but with unusually mild temperatures, I guess the Fall leaves decided to stick around! This is at the entrance to our apartment complex and I just had to get someone in the middle of all this gorgeous yellow!

I’d been wanting to photograph at this rock wall since the first time we drove past it on our way to another session. It is literally on the side of the road. If you live here in middle Tennessee, you are no stranger to the beautiful rock that adorns our highways and roads. On our way to our second location, I literally just turned the car around and said, “Alright, do y’all trust me??” I’m so glad they did because some of my very favorite engagement images EVER were produced!

Raven’s Cream Sweater in images above: Altar’d State

 Raven’s Coat and Tan Sweater above: H&M

Raven saw some past images from former clients, The Osbornes, and LOVED the idea of having some Christmas images taken. Our cute little town gets all dressed up for the holidays and is truly the most magical place and Raven and Austin were prettyyyyy magical, too.

Raven’s Dress: Lulus.com

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February 26, 2019

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